The Pharmacy Council is responsible for regulating pharmaceutical practitioners, supporting staff, and facilities where pharmaceutical services are offered

Functions of the Council

  1. Ensure that the education and training of pharmacists and any other pharmaceutical support staff are carried out at approved educational institutions for efficient pharmacy practice;
  2. Set standards for continuous professional development for practitioners and pharmaceutical support staff;
  3. Register practitioners;
  4. Ensure equitable and accessible distribution of pharmaceutical premises;
  5. Monitor and inspect pharmacy practices where pharmaceutical care is provided;
  6. Set and ensure standards for pharmacy practice and professional conduct
  7. Provide guidelines for the education, training, registration, licensing and the practice of all pharmaceutical support staff;
  8. Exercise disciplinary power over pharmacists and any other pharmaceutical support staff;
  9. Ensure accreditation for pharmacy programmes in collaboration with appropriate State agencies
  10. Develop a management and administrative structure and system to provide an efficient mechanism to regulate pharmacy practice;
  11. Advise the Minister on pharmacy practice and related matters; and
  12. Perform any other function that is ancillary to the object of the Council.

Section 80 of the Health Professions Regulatory Bodies Act, 2013 (ACT 857)

What the regional offices do

  • Receive new applications for pharmacies and OTCMS
  • Conduct site inspections for received applications
  • Conduct routine inspection of pharmacies and OTCMS

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