The Pharmacy Council is established by Parts IV & VI of the Health Professions Regulatory Bodies Act, 2013, (ACT 857) as a body corporate with perpetual succession. It is governed by a nine (9) member Governing Board with the mandate of securing in the public interest the highest standards in the practice of pharmacy in the country.


To guarantee the highest levels of pharmaceutical care.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Pharmacy Council is to secure the highest level of pharmaceutical care by ensuring competent pharmaceutical care providers who practice with agreed standards and are accessible to the whole population. In addition we shall collaborate with related local agencies and international pharmaceutical organisations to enhance our effectiveness and our contribution on rational drug use in the nation. This mission shall be carried out with dedication, integrity and professionalism.

Philosophy and Core values

The Pharmacy Council’s guiding philosophy and core values in the discharge of its mandate be to

  1. Promote the corporate image of the Council

  2. Uphold the dignity, interest and welfare of its clients and members of staff at all times, and

  3. Demonstrate highest levels of dedication, professionalism and integrity.


The Registrar of the Council is the CEO of the secretariat and sees to the day to day running of secretariat.

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